I am Anissa Cosby. Owner of Impact Virtual Solutions. I am a Graphic & Web Designer, Implementation Specialist, and Intuitive Spiritual Guide.

I come from a long line of Taino women who have practiced divination for centuries. I learned at an early age the power that comes with divination and the resonsibility it puts on the diviner. I began reading tarot as a teenager and have been practicing for 15 years.

Reading Tarot is more about relying on the Spirit for guidance than about just pulling cards. It’s with the faith that the cards will provide an important message that counts the most.

If you are here, you are probably looking for some spiritual guidance when it comes to your business. You know you have a purpose but feel stuck on knowing where to move next.

You might wonder where Tarot Reading and Business come together. Simply put…

You are one whole being; your body, your Spirit, and your business.

Because of this, spiritual guidance doesn’t have to be reserved for personal decisions and situations. It can also be used to make informed decisions for your business, help you sort out any areas of stress, and give you perspective of what’s to come. You are your business, and your business is you. So it makes complete sense that Spirit can offer you some guidance.

And I can help you do that with my Tarot for Business services.

Tarot for Business

How does it work?

Reading Tarot is completely faith and spiritual based. I will need a picture of you, your full name, and a general idea of the sort of guidance you are looking for. Prior to doing a reading, I meditate for about 10-15 minutes. I light insense and use crystals that match the situation in which needs a message. I heavily rely on Crystal Energy while doing readings. I call upon my ancestors and Spirit Guides to guide me along the reading to provide the message that most applies to you.

Energetically, the next step is using your picture and full name to pull pieces of your energy into the tarot cards as I shuffle them. I focus on your question or general area of concern as I shuffle and allow the Spirit Guides to let me know when it’s time to stop shuffling. Once the shuffling has stopped, I pull the cards, starting from the top of the deck and do my reading.

After the reading is complete, you have the option of receiving it via Video, mp3, or PDF write up. (Please note that readings are not done live. )

If after your reading, you have questions burning inside, we can definitely schedule a follow up Zoom session to dive deeper into the messages you received during the reading. 

Types of Tarot Readings

30 Minute Reading
3 Card Spread

60 Minute Reading
9 Card Spread

90 Minute Reading
12 Card Spread

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your readings recorded and not live?

There is a lot to factor in when I do my readings. As a mother of 3, I often find the best time to do my readings are either in the wee hours of the morning or late at night after the kids are in bed. By doing so, I can concentrate completely and fully to the Spirit and be free from distraction.

While you are scheduling your reading to be placed on my schedule, your actual reading may be done earlier or later than the scheduled time (while still occurring on the scheduled DAY).

However, when it comes to follow-up sessions, those are completed live via Zoom as they are for follow-up questions to the reading and aren’t as in depth as completing the actual reading.

What is a 3 card spread?

A 3 card spread is a basic spread that is good for more simpler messages.

For example, a 3 card spread is good for:

  • Receiving clarity on a decision you’re about to make.
  • Yes/No Questions
  • Fork in the road messages
  • General “hello” from the Spirits.
What is a 9 card spread?

A 9 card spread is helpful when you need to take a deeper look into your current business/personal dealings and how it’s effecting your surroundings. You will receive a 60 minute explanation of the message(s).

For example, a 9 card spread is good for:

  • Important business decisions that can change your entire business.
  • “Why” something has occurred and what to do about it.
  • Outlook on near future and things to do in the present to get you there.
What is a 12 card spread?

A 12 card spread is usually a pretty massive spread that gives you a significant outlook on the year ahead. It is not to “tell the future” but to give you an idea of what too pay attention to in the next year. You will receie a 90 minute explanation of the message(s).

For example, a 12 card spread is good for:

  • Having an outlook on the next year. *It is a year from whatever date you receive the reading.*
  • Deep diving into an especially unclear situation or dilemmia and you need help processing it all.
Do you only provide business related readings?

No! If you find in your soul that you need a personal reading, you have the option of choosing so when scheduling your reading.

Do you have any restrictions?

I do not provide readings on health or law related concerns. It is my advice to seek professional assistance to these related topics.

How do I book a reading?

Click here to book a reading.  Although readings are not done live, you will still have to schedule a session so that the time is blocked on my calendar for your reading.


I currently do not provide readings for health or legal issues. Please consult with a healthcare or legal professional for anything pertaining to these issues.

I am acting solely upon the will of the Spirit. Your reading is YOURS. You can do with it what you will and make the approriate decisions as such. However, I cannot be held liable for any decisions you make based upon your reading.

It is recommended to have no more than one reading per month so as to not confuse the messages. Please wait at least 30 days before scheduling another reading.

Refunds cannot be requested less than 48 hous prior to the scheduled reading. Refunds cannot be requested after a reading has taken place.

Readings are not completed live. You will receive your reading via your preferred method within 2-4 business days after the completion of the reading. However, follow-up sessions are held Live via Zoom.

Have any additional questions? Feel free to reach out to me via e-mail at anissa@impactvirtualsolutions.com