Impact Virtual Solutions was founded with a mission to help others.

Anissa Cosby

Anissa Cosby


Hi there, I’m Anissa!

I am the Founder of Impact Virtual Solutions, formally known as The Virtual Sidekick.

My story started just as many women who go into business for themselves. My third child had just been born and I knew that going back to work full time was going to drain my energy. Being away from my children took its toll on both my mental and physical health. Luckily, circumstances allowed me to start playing with the idea of starting a business so that I could spend more time at home.

I am a self-taught graphic and web designer, however, I’ve spent over 10 years working in an admin capacity. I’m a “Jill of all Trades”, able to adapt and change with the tides. Because of this, I knew I had many skills at my disposal. It was taking the time to figure out which skills would work for me and my business, that allowed me to form The Virtual Sidekick.

While I started this business so that I could spend more time with my children, I noticed a growing trend in the people I worked with. They wanted to change lives, make a change, and truly leave a mark on the world. But they were overwhelmed with all the business items that they had to handle. That’s when I found myself gravitating toward helping more businesses grow their presence online.

Having gone through my own mental health battles, I’ve quickly learned how much of an impact awareness has made in my life. Honestly, for years I was told that “mental health is fake” and never sought out help for the battles I suffered through. But because I found a community that I could lean on during my worst moments, I was able to learn more about mental health and how I could seek help during times of need.

That is why I rebranded.

I found myself passionate for spreading this mental awareness. I wanted more people to know about the resources that they can find in their own neighborhoods. I also learned how important it is for businesses in this niche to grow so that this awareness could impact more lives.

I invite you to set up a phone call. We can talk more about my story and why mental health and mindset is so important to me. Let’s figure out how we can work together.

Let’s make an impact together!

Ready to get started?

I am here to help you make an impact!