Why hello there! Thank you for reading!

It has been a while since I’ve written a good blog post y’all! I recently rebranded and wanted to share my story with you all.
So for the last few months, my business has been shifting and pivoting in a new direction. I knew that my current branding and business identity was no longer viable. Why is that? For one, my business name was The Virtual Sidekick. I embued a lot of my geek personality into the brand, using “Superheroes” to describe my ideal clients…

Here’s the thing…

The clients that I truly wanted to attract, wasn’t feeling the vibe. I wanted to be more authentic and show my true purpose. While being geeky is a part of my personality, being an inspiration and making an impact is a larger part of who I am. So I knew that in order to reach other amazing women who wanted to help others, I had to make a change.
It started small. I started changing my copy and addressing my ideal clients with a new voice. I noticed I was started to resonate with the exact people I needed to! But then, came a swift kick in the butt: my website and logo needed an overhaul.

Panic ensues…

Taking the time to recreate a logo and design a brand new website is EXHAUSTING when it’s for yourself. We tend to think TOO much into things. But, I managed to make do! I had some amazing guidance and was able to shift the visual aspects of my brand to match my new brand voice.


Something was still sticking with me. Something was amiss. I started to play with the idea of changing my business name. Could I really do it? Could I really make such a huge change like this? That would mean changing my domain, my EIN, EVERYTHING.

Well, the universe wants what it wants, right?

I listened and changed EVERYTHING. I found a name that was available on all channels and it just STUCK.
So I’d like to introduce:

Impact Virtual Solutions!!

If you knew my brand previously, I’d love to know what you think of my new branding! Feel free to check out my website, tell me what you think and let me know if you can get a feel for who I want to work with. Have any questions or want to book a call? Go ahead by clicking below.