5 Things to Include on your Homepage

Your website is where your business calls HOME. Your homepage is the first thing that users see when they click to your website. There are a number of crucial things that you should have on your homepage to encourage users to learn as much as they can about your business in one shot.

I’ve written out this short guide to help you learn the 5 things that should be included on your homepage at all times.

1. Introduction about you and/or business.

You want your user to know about you and what your business is about. A simple 100 word introduction is usually enough. Don’t forget to include your business name, tagline and a little bit about what you offer. Your user should know right from the start what kind of business they are browsing through.

2. Your top 3 or 4 Products and/or Services

You want to make it easy for your user to know what you have to offer. Small breakdowns of your services or a layout highlighting your top four products is most helpful! Your user can see if they want to learn more and continue browsing on your website.

3. An opt-in form.

E-mail is not dead! You want a way to collect e-mails right from your homepage. You wat to lead them in with an incentive such as a coupon code upon signup, a freebie or what have you. There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • A popup. While annoying at times, this is the highest converting method of collecting e-mails.
  • Inline optin. This means a signup form that is in the body of your page rather than a popup.
  • A button that leads to a popup. You can have at the top of your homepage “sign up for X.” and when your user clicks the button, it opens a subscription popup.

4. Testimonial or Review

You can instill confidence in your product or service by including a testimonial on your homepage. You can pull from your Facebook reviews or testimonials that your clients/buyers give you.

5. Contact Information

Whether you place your e-mail address or a contact form on your website, including a way to contact you is so important. This can be a direct contact form at the bottom of your home page or a button that links to a contact page. You’ll be surprised at how many questions people have!

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