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Why Optimizing Your Image Sizes is Important

So I get it, when we are writing blogs, posting to social media or even working on our websites, we often forget that creating our images to size is important. We then preview our work and to our dismay, find that the edges have been cut off or the image looks so small! A lot of this has to do with not using the correct image sizes when we create them. So I’ve decided to write an informative blog post on why optimizing your image sizes is important and how to do so.

So what’s the big idea? Why is it so important?

Have you ever posted something that didn’t fit and then spent hours trying to resize it until it did? No? Just me? Well, I found it completely frustrating and as a graphic/web designer, not having the right image sizes drives me BONKERS! When image sizes are incorrect, they can either be too large or too small. Usually images that are too large can’t be zoomed out on mobile and get cut off around the edges. For mobile users, this can be frustrating. If image sizes are too small, they can’t be read or seen in detail and when they’re zoomed in, they’re pixelated. Also, knowing the right image sizes for the platform you are using will help you stay visible. Did you know that you’re not supposed to use squares on Pinterest? They’ll really hinder the amount of clicks on your image!

Here’s an example between the difference of an optimized vs not optimized image on Pinterest:

So here’s an example of an image that is not optimized for Pinterest. It is a square. When stacked against all other images in Pinterest, it is more likely to get dismissed in preference for larger images.

This is an example of an optimized image size for Pinterest. It is larger, taller, and catches the eye. Usually when people are using Pinterest, they are using as a SEARCH function, not as a SOCIAL MEDIA function. So they want images that stand out and show them answers to their questions instantly.

Take a look at this screenshot I took. Which image stands out more to you? The larger image definitely stands out and is easier to read. (I will make a note here: optimizing your image sizes is only one half of the battle. Your design and how the image looks plays an important factor as well! But that’s a blog post for another day.)

What about websites?

So image sizes are most important on websites! This is where mobile view comes into play. When your websites are not filled with optimized images, it can create lag and issues. Are you using WordPress + Divi? Divi provides an AMAZING resource and image guide so that you can make sure all your images are optimized for your website. You can view that article here.

So what do I do with this information?

Well now you can go ahead and start optimizing your image sizes! You can create premade templates in Photoshop and then use them going forth whenever you make a graphic, product image or collage. Don’t have Photoshop? Then use Canva! They have premade templates already created and all you have to do is click on one to get started. And get this, it’s free to use!

Need an Image Guide?

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