Smart Hacks Maximizing Productivity - Part 2

Smart Hacks for Maximizing Productivity
Part 2 – Task Management

Last week we touched on some great ways for maximizing productivity in order to keep you focused on your tasks and to increase your productivity. If you haven’t read it yet, you can check it out here! This week, we will continue with our series, discussing about some top task management tips. Let’s get into it!

1. Choose which way you want to start your day.

By this, I mean choose either the hardest task to start your day tough or the smallest task to start your day easy and build up your momentum. If you start your day tough, everything else feels easier to tackle. Doing the easiest thing on your list first gives you a feeling of success to start your day. Which method appeals to your way of working?

2. Two Minute Rule.

In regards to task management, this is an easy one! When sorting your tasks, ask yourself if you can do the task in 2 minutes or less. If the answer is yes get them done right away. This can substantially reduce your to do list and helps prioritize the tasks that will take more time and energy.

3. Create a task matrix from extremely urgent to non-urgent.

Take your to do list and separate out your tasks into 4 categories.

  • Important & urgent – for example a presentation or project due within the next few days
  • Important & not urgent – for example a presentation or work not due for a week
  • Not important & urgent – for example updating social media channels, returning phone-calls
  • Not important & not urgent – for example research for future projects or curation of items for social media

*Important tasks are ones that contribute to your immediate livelihood & long-term goals, while urgent tasks are ones that require immediate action or have incoming deadlines.

This matrix will allow you to concentrate on tasks in categories #1 and #2 and will ensure that you remain on track to get the most important items completed and off your desk.

4. Try batch tasking.

In other words take your task list and further divide it into smaller categories. For example, message return – put into this category all the return phone calls, emails, social media responses, voice mails and then prioritizes in order of urgency.

Batch your desk by taking all the paperwork on it and creating piles in order of urgency and then categorize in batches. The batches could be filing, presentations, research, social media, projects, and letters to be written and so on.

5. Every new task that comes in must be added to the to do matrix.

Otherwise, all the little tasks pile up and then you are left with a mess because you didn’t schedule the tasks immediately. Those small tasks that seem unimportant now tend to add up and become overwhelming because you forgot about them. You can avoid this by simply adding them to the matrix and you won’t run the risk of forgetting them.

6. Password Managers

All those passwords you have to remember can be safely and securely kept in a computerized password manager. Many of these are free (Lastpass) and are incredibly helpful in this day and age when everything needs a password. ¬†This way you won’t spend inordinate amounts of time remembering or searching for your passwords.

What did you think of this weeks task management tips? Let me know in the comments!

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