Toggl and how it saved my sanity

Time Management – A Beast and Dastardly Villain

If you’re reading this, then you too, have suffered the Time Management Beast. Time Management used to be a beast I struggled with. When I used to work in my day job as an Administrative Fieldwork Assistant, I was inundated with tasks from multiple people. They came from every direction! Many of the tasks were within my scope and many were not. Organizing them and prioritizing them became such a struggle that there were times that I would melt down. After a few years in the job, I ¬†came up with many different task and time management systems. Whatever system I came up with, they were often short lived. I couldn’t find a cohesive way to manage it all. When I started working from home, I learned of a tool that I wish I had known about in all my years in the field: TOGGL!

Beating the Time Management Beast with Toggl

So, what is Toggl? Toggl is a time management system! It’s essentially a timer, but it offers so much more. In Toggl, you have tools where you can create tiers: Clients – Projects – Tasks. So if I have multiple clients that have several projects, I can assign tasks per project instead of lumping them all together. I utilize Toggl for both paid and unpaid tasks. It helps me keep track of where I am spending my time, this making me more effective at getting my tasks done. This is truly a tool I wish I had when I was working my day job. Toggl is also great for those who work hourly and need to keep track of their time for invoicing.

Toggl Dashboard and Reports

The thing I love most is that you can color coordinate your projects. By doing so, you will then see how much time is going to each project visually in a pie chart. You can export PDF reports and submit them if you’re being timed hourly! Again, I’m most productive when I can see where I’m spending my time. It also reduces the amount of time that I’m spending on non-work tasks (like scrolling Facebook!). It truly makes me an effective worker. Another great thing about Toggl is that you can add it as an extension to Google, Firefox and Safari! That’s right, you can time yourself right from the browser! It’s as simple as clicking the Toggl icon from your browser and clicking start. You can also adjust the title of your task, assign it to a project or create new projects without ever having to leave your current web page.

Toggl Extension

Time Management Beast Slayed!

Thanks to Toggl, I have a better grasp on my time management. I feel that I get more tasks completed now that I am aware of how much time I spend on them. I am realistic about when certain things can get done because I’ve personally tested it out. It’s helpful because I don’t have to go guessing in the dark about how long it’ll take me to do certain things. Time tracking also helps me see where my weaknesses are. If certain tasks take a lot longer than others, I can now learn how to fix them. I’ll forever be grateful for this tool!

Have you slayed your own Time Management Beast?

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