What the solar eclipse meant to me

To Write or Not to Write…

So I debated whether writing this blog post would be useful to someone, but as more and more people chimed in about how the Eclipse made them feel, I knew that I had to write my experience. For the days leading up to the Solar Eclipse, I had an increasing sense of anticipation. I believe that the Spirit was telling me to be prepared. Spirit was telling me “gear up! It’s going to be a doozy!” Earlier that day, I mentioned to my mom that during an Eclipse is the perfect moment to manifest new things in life. An eclipse stood for transition! So she lit some sage and cleansed the both of us. Goosebumps rose on my arms as we busted out the tarot cards and did a reading (more on that in another blog!) Again, I received confirmation that my life was about to change forever.

What I Felt During the Solar Eclipse..

We were in a partial zone, only getting about 77% coverage, but boy did I FEEL it. So what do I mean by “feeling” the eclipse? The day began with a dull headache, an almost nagging throb at my forehead or minds eye. The huge celestial event that was about to happen began to have an effect on my body. As the time got closer to 2:52pm, my headache got worse, turning into an intense pressure that encompassed my forehead. My chest felt heavy, as if someone was sitting on me. It completely blew me away and literally took my breath away. I’ve never felt such a powerful effect before! The weight of the Universe was upon me and the amount of clarity that I had was astounding. The minute the eclipse was over, the weight on me instantly alleviated! It was gone, my headache too. The Universe had delivered its message.

What It Meant for Me…

My life changed that day. Clarity about my business, clarity about my personal life and definitely clarity about my Spirituality came to me at full force. I’ve never seen or felt more clearly in my life. The impact of the cosmos and how it took hold of me amazed me. The Universe yolked me up by the collar and yelled “hear me!” Everything I manifested that day came to life and is still manifesting, days later. I know there is still more on the horizon. I’ve never felt so positive about what is to come and I am excited for this part of my journey through life. As far as I know, I’m a completely different person than I was a week ago.

Did the Solar Eclipse have an effect on you?

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